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The last of the guards to be tried for killing Jews at Sobibor was John Demjanjuk, a former autoworker in Ohio. In 2011, in a German court, he was found guilty of taking part in the murder of 28,000 people and sentenced to five years in prison. He died in a nursing home in 2012 while appealing the conviction. Mr. Broadnax, a native of Virginia, was arrested on Monday on a fugitive warrant issued by the Virginia Beach police. Officials there said he is charged with two counts of murder and one count of rape. He is being held on a New York City jail barge awaiting extradition, according to the police and jail records.

But what do you do if that pathological narcissist is the president of the United States? Many of these groups have seized on statistics showing a slowing birthrate in some Western countries. In the United States, the total fertility rate is now about 1,765.5 births per 1,000 women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is below the level necessary to keep the population stable without immigration.

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It took me a moment to appreciate that “Sigh” is your friend’s name and not an expression of your sad resignation regarding Sigh’s life choices. Sorry, Sigh! Live streaming video-game play is, as you say, a new, vibrant and potentially lucrative field of work that I hope my son never hears about. Normally I would say that, as it doesn’t affect you, you have no standing in this case. But I hate that Sigh is inadvertently reinforcing the cliché that gamers are too lazy, dude. So ordered, with the caveat that you get the paperwork and bring it to him. Dr. Anne Harrington, Hurlburt Field, Fla.

Grindr has already faced questions about its control and use of personal data. The company faced a huge backlash for sharing users’ H.I.V. status, sexual tastes and other intimate personal details with outside software vendors. After the data sharing was made public by European researchers in 2018, the company said it would stop sharing H.I.V. data with outside companies. I was painfully aware of how little I knew about my grandfather, Frederick C. Dixon. A Quaker from Pennsylvania, he had settled on St. Thomas in 1930 after a few years working aboard a ship. He became a teacher, the principal of St. Thomas High School, and then director of education in short order. He was white, on an island where three-quarters of the population is black. Given the colonial history of the island, I was uncomfortable not knowing what his views on race had been.

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Log In“I’ve been hugging a lot of people,” Ms. DuVally said. “Before I decided to come out, I don’t think I had ever hugged anyone at work.” Perhaps because of the absence of records, the author omits the first 390 years of the Bible’s existence and picks up the story in 1836, when it begins to make its way around Britain, moving from one Downton Abbey-style castle to another. Possessing such an important religious object might have held out the promise of grace, but time after time the Victorian-era owners of this Gutenberg suffered one misfortune after another — financial reversals, crime and untimely deaths.